Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Yesterday went really well, all things considered. I managed to get everything made, dinner was on time, the turkey was beautifully done, there was no fighting or major drama... it's a lovely change from our usual holiday insanity!

The reason I'm all tooting my own horn here is because I pulled off a multi-course, entirely gluten- and dairy-free dinner, made from scratch, without a single meltdown. In a tiny kitchen. With minimal help. Other-husband did the turkey with a fruited stuffing in his kitchen (next door), but I did the rest. I made:

Mashed red-skinned potatoes
Boiled potatoes (for the picky)
Mashed sweet potatoes
Roasted root veggies
Cranberry-orange sauce
Cornbread muffins
Pumpkin pie


(I did make a box of StoveTop stuffing because tradition)

I think the best part was that I got genuine compliments from everyone, especially on the pie. It's nice to feel appreciated.


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