Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

And just entered into a 10 year relationship with Paragard. I was scared out of my mind after hearing the insertion horror stories, and knowing that if something hurts anyone, it’ll definitely hurt me. I got a xanax to take before, which I’ve never taken, and it made me feel SUPER weird and loopy and sleepy, but unfortunately it is actually possible to feel weird, loopy, sleepy AND anxious simultaneously. (Which is a bummer because I was hoping it would make me not have a care in the world and then I could use the pills I have left to attempt to get on a plane for the first time since I was 12. But I don’t see it standing up to a phobia that extreme.)

All that said, it was not as bad as I feared. It sucked but it wasn’t like the worst pain of my life, and the cramps suck now, but they’re not even as bad as the ones I used to get in high school (although I am on a high dose of ibuprofen and tylenol currently.) I had never ever considered the possibility that I would get an IUD because I am SUCH a wimp and I have horrible anxiety about painful medical procedures, but I’d say if you’re on the fence, do it. If I can look back and say “it wasn’t THAT bad,” anyone can.

I’m just happy it’s done with and hopefully within a few days I’ll be one of those people raving about it, but for now I am going to take a nap.

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