Please remind me that this is a perfectly fine thing to do and does not paint me as a failure of a person.

I’ve been working to the point of exhaustion for the past month or so, and it really won’t slow down for another month or two. I’ve already outsourced my dog walking during the work week, I’ve taken a leave of absence from volunteering until mid-winter, and I’ve worked to limiting myself to 55 hours. I worked a bit yesterday and followed that up by taking Little Dude out for some much needed dog park time, so this is my one full day off this week. I spent the morning organizing and straightening things a bit. I finally broke down those boxes, but I haven’t moved them into the storage room yet. I still need to do things like take out the trash and do laundry, but the laundry is going to have to wait a day or two because it is impossible to get quarters anywhere anymore. I also really should be making an effort to work out, at least a little bit. But my butt is just so comfortable parked on this couch.

I just don’t have the energy to shop for food or meal plan or even look for discounts. I’ve been living off granola bars and overpriced salads at work that I can split into two meals. So with the use of a coupon extension on my browser, I ordered a Hello Fresh box after remembering Falling’s fun review of it. I knocked down the price of the box to $30 for 6 meals total. But something still nags me about even having to do it. It’s my day off, I should be doing things like making delicious meals and living in my spotless apartment with my happy spoiled little dog, not taking an Adderall and immediately taking a 3 hour nap.

Sometimes it’s really hard to be an adult. Those fat checks are nice though.