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I just ad libbed dinner!! PIZZA!

Three hours ago I looked in the fridge and found nothing but salsa but hidden in the door was some shredded cheese. Now usually, when I ad lib this stuff (and even when I follow a recipe) it all goes south and I force myself to eat some of it then compost the rest. This time I successfully created pizza; well, more like a pan of bread with salsa, cheese, rosemary, and basil but I am going to consider it deep dish pizza and a success!!! yay.

So now I am going fall back on an old joke from my youth - things are looking up, I can now touch bottom when I stand on a ladder!!


(it sounds better when said out loud "how ya doing" " pretty damn good, standing on a ladder, I was able to touch bottom" - or something like that)

All I have left to do is find a place for Golden Goddess while I am in New Orleans. I was sort of counting on some friends who have not returned my call and I really can't call them and push. I really don't want to have to board GG but that may be what I have to do. Crap, Crap, Crap. I have until Wednesday to get this straightened out.

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