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I just ate a meat waffle...

So I told myself I'd suspend my pescetarianism for my trip to Argentina because the beef here is supposedly worth dying for.

So I opted for this meat waffle. It was basically brisket on top of a waffle with an egg. It was really yummy, but I was expecting more of a meatgasm after not having eaten meat for four years.


Whether the meat waffle was worth it remains to be seen...I finished it 20 minutes ago and I haven't moved since. I was planning on going for a long walk to the modern art museum (the MALBA) and I'm praying to His Noodliness that my meat waffle doesn't come squirting out of my holes.

In other news, I went on an excellent bike tour yesterday and saw all the things in Buenos Aires! All my pictures are on my camera, so I'll write a post about my sightseeing when I get back to NYC and can use my laptop.

Hope you're all having an awesome fin de semana! Adios!

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