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Work is giving me an ulcer, and a shit-ton of chocolate sounded like a great idea. I should know better, but after breaking what had been basically a sugar-fast this weekend, I had low tolerance for resisting my emotional cravings today.

I teach, and I switched gears to a top-tier high school from a middling middle school, and holy crap. Less than a month in, and already I’ve met with two parents with a request for a third (which I hope I have deflected by solving the problem via other means).

I quite enjoyed the lack of parental involvement for the most part over the last few years. This sudden INTENSE MICROSCOPE on everything I do is making me sick (in a physical, anxious way, not in a I’m-disgusted way). Half the time, the students haven’t even talked to me before I hear from the parents about The Problem That Must Be Solved Now. It particularly pisses me off when I get emails from counselors about The Problem when the parent didn’t even bother trying to contact me—why the fuck are you going over my head? I could have solved this problem without feeling disrespected.


This is so outside my wheelhouse—my mom intervened for shit when I was in school. I did everything on my own, advocated for myself, talked with teachers and counselors as needed, and I knew how to clearly lay out my issues and my needs when trying to problem solve with teachers.

I feel gross, and I can’t blame it all on the chocolate.

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