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I just binge-watched [almost] all the DNC speeches all day while I worked

and boy howdy am I full of feelings! Cried about 20 times, smiled, yelled out loud. I was stuck in a conference all week with no time to watch or read about the DNC, so I feel like I finally got caught up on a show everyone was spoiling for me, haha.

I am impressed - surprisingly impressed - with the power and cohesiveness of the message put forth by the convention. The grace, positivity, and strength on display by everyone who spoke was incredible. Because normally, I feel like the Democrats are always first in line to fuck things up for themselves by being soft. But no - this was strong, this was powerful, and this was amazing.


What a contrast against the RNC of last week - full of negativity and fear. As countless others have pointed out, right now, the Democratic party has positioned itself as the party of American values. I mean, the position was pretty much handed to them on a silver platter, but I think they took it and they ran with it and more importantly, it came across as emotional and genuine.

I was so impressed with Clinton as well - she made her statements with conviction and directness. She made clear her intentions, while others spent the rest of the time making her qualifications clear.

There are failures in her past. There are failures in Obama’s administration and she was part of them. But you cannot overlook that she might be the most qualified person to ever run for President. You can’t overlook how smart she is, and her unrelenting record of public service and GETTING SHIT DONE.

I am so proud of her and proud to be a Democrat and proud of Obama and just excited. I am especially thrilled to see liberal values finally in the narrative of “American values” - no small thanks to the progress made in Obama’s terms. We have known for a long time that what we represent IS what the sappy principles of the American dream are about. So thank you, Donald Trump, for exposing Republican principles as anti-American, and paving the way for some solid progress in the next decade.

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