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I just bought 3 bottles of nail polish. For myself!

Because that Sephora by OPI sale is still going on. I had to jump on that.

Anyway, this is is momentous because I haven't bought nail polish for myself since I was a tween and obsessed with this nail polish that turned different colors in the sunshine. When I interned at a magazine, I got several Deborah Lipmann polishes for free, but that's about it.

These are the colors I got!


Leaf Him At the Altar - what kind of name is that? Ugh. I really love this shade of green though. (I already have an outfit planned when I'm feeling fancy and wearing this polish)*

Metro Chic - I've been lusting after this color for months and months, and I. Cannot. Wait. to get it.


On Stage - at first, I thought this was too similar to Metro Chic, but that one's more grey and this one's more of a plum. /shrugs

I'm excited, y'all. I never thought I'd be excited about nail polish, but there ya go.


*if my college self could see me now, she'd roll her eyes at me. Whatever, college self, all you knew how to wear were jeans and zip-up hoodies. I'm on my way to becoming faaabulous.

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