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and spent way too much money. But I think it will be worth it, I got some quality pieces I can wear for reals and for sexy time.

I've gotten a fancier bra at Victoria's Secret (a few years ago), but I've had a sneaking suspicion that I was not actually a DD cup for a while now. That bra fit, but still seemed too small, and mostly I just wear the same practical department store bra in different colors.


What triggered this? Well, friends, last Friday night I had a first date. A really really good first date. A date that ended in a kiss. And instead of going in my old VS sexy bra that doesn't really support me, or my practical-but-boring-as-fuck bras that I wear most days, I want to feel sexy for the next date, if there is one. Even if we don't end up in bed. (And I kind of hope we don't, because it was kind of nice that he didn't just want to jump in, even though my last relationship-thing was totally based on just jumping into bed.)

So I scheduled a visit with a local appointment-only lingerie place that specializes in non-US sizing, so I could try on pretty bras that go beyond a DD cup and see what really fit. My friend had shopped there a few weeks ago and gave a glowing recommendation. I would do the same — I had a two hour appointment, tried on a ridiculous number of beautiful bras, plus strapless, sports bras, and swimsuits. I had to narrow down ten bras that fit and looked wonderful and not-generic or plain to four, and then four to two that I would buy today. I've NEVER had more than one or two pretty bra options before.


I walked out with two new bras and two matching panties to go with them. (See the pictures!) My bank account is crying, but I'm pretty satisfied. I feel more adult and I feel sexy and powerful, and now I know that I am also apparently a 34G after two years of assuming I was a 36DD. Go figure, huh?

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