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I just called out my boss for being sizeist. TW.

He was trying to get me to laugh at that video of a plus size woman doing an elaborate pole dancing routine.

He said he was disappointed that she didn't fall and that she was "disgusting". I replied that I had seen the video on various body positive blogs, that I and many of my close friends have struggled with body image and eating disorders, and that I thought he was being really mean and insensitive. And also, she's a fantastic dancer.

He sort of zipped up, got really awkward and quiet and admitted that he's the the of person to make fun of fat people pn a regular basis. Then got sort of pouty because I "made him feel bad" to which I said that it's important to me that I call people out on stuff like this because it isn't okay. I didnt know what else to say after that. He tried to talk to me a little bit after that, just in making conversation, but I could tell he was really uncomfortable. To which I say, Good, he ought to be uncomfortable.


Ugh. This makes me sad/angry. I was starting to like him as a person.

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