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I just came back from having Father's Day lunch

with my girlfriend's family, and I just wanted to fucking die of embarrassment.

For those of you who don't know, my girlfriend is trans, and she's been out to her family for about 10 years. She changed her name at around the same time, so her family has had, you know, time to get used to using that name.


We were with her maternal grandparents, plus her parents and her brother and his wife. Her grandparents called her by her old name no less than 5 times; not only that, but my girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow, and her grandparents gave her a check with her old name on it, which she can't legally cash. She had them write her a new one, but holy shit. I desperately wanted to speak up, but her grandmother is fairly conservative, so it's kind of bold for me to even be there, plus her grandmother scares me. (Her grandmother wasn't even nice to the brother's wife, and the brother is CLEARLY the favorite child/grandchild.)

I don't care if her grandparents are fucking old, and I don't care they knew her by her other name, it's not fucking acceptable to continuously use the wrong name for your own fucking granddaughter.

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