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I just can't ...

So, my girlfriend has this ex-boyfriend who can't get a clue that she wants minimal contact with him. She first ran into him last winter after he had moved away and come back to town, and she ended up giving him her phone number, I guess so they could catch up or something. Anyway, pretty soon after that he started calling and texting her constantly to the point that she got pretty annoyed and did her best to ignore him. After a while, it seemed like he had gotten a hint, but then he would just start with the calling and texting a month or two later. This continued for most of the winter and spring, and then she didn't hear from him all summer ... until this evening. Apparently he texted earlier to say that he wanted to kiss her. Say what?! For one thing, he KNOWS she's in a relationship,* and for another, they only dated for like 6 months in 2005. What is this guy's deal? He hasn't really tried to harass her in person (thank god), but we once looked him up on our state's online legal database, and he's definitely been arrested for assault. This schmuck is serious trouble, and I just wish he would leave my girlfriend the fuck alone.


*We ran into him at a bar once, and I told him loudly and clearly who I was, i.e. my girlfriend's SO. That's not my usual behavior, but in this case, I wanted to make my presence known.

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