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I just can't even anymore.

Not even the nopetopus can express my frustration right now.

74 school shootings since Newtown. Seventy fucking four. I can't even look up the articles to post the link because it's too much.


I want to shout it from the rooftops, or at least post it on Facebook. But I can't deal with it anymore. I can't deal with being shouted down by people saying "Guns don't kill people! Don't take away my guns! Self defense! What about mental health?"

Why is it that we can't even have a conversation about guns? Why can't people recognize that there might be some better solution than just asserting an absolute individual right to own any kind of weapon? Why can't people recognize that the past 15 years have been an almost unbroken string of victories for the gun lobby?


Well I'm done with it. From now on, I share nothing on Facebook but cat videos, playbuzz quizzes, and George Takei posts. Because we don't want this to happen:

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