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I JUST CAN'T. NOT WITHOUT ICE CREAM. (Update/morning moron roundup)

You guys, I do not have enough Phish Food to handle this shit. I'm posting from mobile as I rage read in bed.



Now I know there is a lot that goes in to deciding to identify as a feminist and it can be complicated by race, not being cisgendered, sexuality, etc. But the amount of stupid filling that tumblr makes me want to give up the internets and live as an iphoneless nomad. I'd miss jez, though.


Here is a continually-updating compilation of highlights (lowlights, really):


They also appear to be pulling from actual I Need Feminism posts and then mocking them, as below:


They claim the above woman is basically complaining that her socks don't match. Logic nonexistent but the idea of making fun of women posting their reasons for being feminists makes me FEELS RAGE.

And as if that weren't cringe-worthy enough, I now present you with this and a brief summary of the horrors, should you make the wise choice not to watch.

.In the above video, our source of wisdom is a college freshman who has friends in an intro to feminism class. Of course, her grasp of the feminist struggle is far superior to mere professors and she explains that, quote(ish), "The wage gap isnt like 2 people at one job and bob gets 10 dollars and Sally gets 7. It's just that generally male dominated fields get paid more than female dominated fields. Like law and medicine pay better than teaching and nursing."


Ah and another,

In the 2nd video, a young woman with atrocious webcam eye contact skills (she seems to address most of her video to a ceiling fan) explains that inequalities exist, so Lebron James could like, probably like, win both a basketball game and a who-is-more-interesting contest against the entire WNBA. And we need to just accept it. H8s gonna h8.


Ooooh & there's celebrity testimonial! Now I'm sold...dropping feminism like swifty dropped country music. http://womenagainstfeminism.tumblr.com/post/547945880…

Some other choice quotes from the page:


  • Cindy: I am terrified I will be raped.
  • Jack: Did someone rape you before?
  • Cindy: No.
  • Jack: Is someone threatening to rape you?
  • Cindy: No.
  • Jack: So basically you are just an attention whore looking for sympathy for a rape that never happened?
  • Cindy: YES!"

Notice how a Feminist never challenges the *idea* of a Disney Princess. She’s mad because the princess doesn’t look fat, unattractive, or unhappy like her.



70% of American women do not identify with Feminism. Obviously, feminists were wrong that women could not succeed without Feminism.



Tumblr Feminist Diary #4

Dear Diary,

Today some boys laughed at a dirty joke.

I am soooooo oppressed.


Feminist Oppression Checklist

How am I oppressed? Let me count the ways:

  1. Right to vote….check.
  2. Career….check.
  3. Divorce…check.
  4. Abortion…check.
  5. College…check.
  6. Anti-Rape laws…check.
  7. Can run for office…check.
  8. Can drive a car…check.
  9. Can wear whatever I want…check.
  10. Can marry whoever I want…check.

Yep, I am definitely oppressed….NOT !!


Yea, these women definitely understand inequality...NOT!!

And from the super charming "Feminist Dictionary":

Mansplaining: The audacity of a man to have an opinion in the presence of a woman.


Pro-Choice: making sure that the baby never lives long enough to exercise his/her own life-choices.

Fat-Shaming: When fat girls are not treated like supermodels and are not courted by tall, handsome men.





Ive seen this tumblr circulating Facebook today, both being torn apart by my friends and promoted by the handful of high school acquaintances who somehow survived an earlier friend purge.


And on that note, does anyone have any ice cream to share? I suspect my supplies will deplete extra quickly tonight.

ETA: if you don't live within convenient ice cream sharing distance, I'll accept eyeroll gifs instead.


ETA2: NSFTWFRIEDPC (not safe for those with feminist rage-induced excessive dairy product consumption)

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