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I just can't with these people

After being convinced along with his wife, Collet, of Failure to Provide the Necessaries of life to their 18 month old child, David Stephan took to Facebook to decry the verdict.

First he tries to shift blame for his son’s death to the ambulance that responded to their 911 call. While it is true the ambulance did not have the equipment small enough to intubate poor like Ezekiel, this is like blaming someone for not closing the barn door long after the horse was already gone. His death was caused by cardiac arrest brought on after an incidence of hypoxia. His father told police he sat and watched his breathing slow to the point where he was taking a breath every five seconds. He decided to let his child sleep at that point, because he was struggling more with his breathing when he was awake.


Um, could it be that he was struggling more to breathe when he was awake, because he needed more air, but was so sick he had to make a conscious effort to do so?

Next, the Crown’s instructions to the jury were correct because the charge of Failure to Provide the Necessaries of life does not require the death of the child in order to stick. The parents weren’t charged with causing his death, just with neglecting him. How Ezekiel died is immaterial to the fact that they failed to obtain medical attention for their child despite the fact they suspected he had meningitis. If Ezekiel had been intubated in the ambulance, and had managed to survive, they still probably would have found themselves facing the same charge.

His line about how “the floodgates have now been opened” if parents don’t fall in line with parenting as seen fit by the government” is laughable on the face of it. This has been the case in Canada since the first child welfare laws were enacted.

They just never expected the law to be applied to them.

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