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I just cowashed my dog

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She has a double coat so she’s not supposed to get bathed that frequently, HOWEVER, yesterday she decided that kicking up mud in the stream and then rolling over in it was on her bucket list even though she’d already had a bath recently. What to do?! Despite her clear pleasure over being filthy she smelled suspiciously like low tide and her white fur was looking... not white. Something had to be done.


So I used conditioner intead! As it turns out, Curly Girl techniques work wonders on my dog. Now she’s merrily shooting around, rubbing up on all the furniture and sticking her head under the couch cushions.

Anyone else cowash their dog? What kinds of products do you use? I use Suave unless she needs a flea bath (and then she still gets conditioned with Suave), which may seem weird, but we’ve had no problems. I used to buy the whole “pH balanced for a dog” thing until I started making my own toiletries and recognized the ingredient list on the ridiculously priced dog shampoo I was using as a cheap bulk shampoo base. I was pissed, so we switched to bottom shelf people products with much success.

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