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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I just cut my own hair

And I'm kinda freaking out.

Really it was more of a trim because I was terrified to do any more than about an inch but still OMG. It's been like a year since I cut it so I really needed it, but I didn't want to go shill out for the salon or take the time. So I put it all in a super high ponytail and cut the ends off. It still almost reaches my butt, so unlikely that anyone will see much difference, but I shall see tomorrow what it looks like when it's all dry. I might try to do more layering then, too, because I didn't quite reach my shortest layer with the trim (because the last person who cut my hair didn't do my layers right, thus another reason I don't want to go to a salon).


Does anyone else cut their own hair often? Do you have any tips in case I messed it up? I've been trimming my own bangs for forever but this is the first time I've ever done my own hair.

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