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I just...don't know

So last night was a little rough, and this morning ain’t starting out a whole lot better. Yesterday when I first heard about the shooting in San Bernardino, my thoughts went to my friend. His company sometimes sends him out to sites in that area, so I pinged him on FB telling him I hoped he wasn’t near there. Thankfully, he wasn’t.

Later yesterday evening, he put up a post on his FB. A longtime friend of his (who worked in the coffee shop in the building) was apparently among the wounded. Later, he found that info to be incorrect; his friend was not in surgery and is instead among the missing. That’s the last I’ve heard, and I’m sure my friend is taking it hard.

Now this morning, I’m waking up to my parents watching Fox News coverage and talking about how Obama wants to bring the Syrian refugees in as thought it’s relevant to this massacre.


I just have a bad feeling this is gonna be one of those days.

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