It took me a while to get into Person of Interest - it just seemed like a weird show that was once again about some superhuman Dirty Harry robot-type guy, and the pacing was off, and the dialogue seemed forced. But Mr. Mcstabbypants and I kept watching because Brooklyn was featured a lot, and then we started getting more into it and it just kept getting better and better and it's now one of my most favorite shows. The fact that PoI has three really interesting characters who are women and who all kick major ass (and one of whom is a fascinating villain) cinched it for me, because you don't find that every day.

This is why I am so, so bummed about Carter. As gutted as I can be about a television character kicking it. And as far as I know she's really and truly dead, no Sherlock-style faking about it. Ugh. She was my favorite character by far on the show. It's just not going to be the same show without her. IT'S JUST NOT FAIR.