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I just finished my first stippled quilt!

Can I attention whore myself for a second? I am so proud of myself. In the past 3 months, I have made 10 quilts. Mostly with fabric repurposed and cheap snuggle fabric from Joanns... The past 3 quilts I have invested in nicer brand name fabric because I am getting much better at it. In the past, I have not worked hard at hobbies that I wasn't naturally talented at. I am not naturally talented at quilting but I have invested probably over 200 hours working at it. And now, I can make decent looking quilts. I put on my darning foot and took a stab at free range quilting... or stippling... and my quilt looks amazing! And it was all scrap pieces to boot!

I have had kind of a self esteem issue since my rough pregnancy. I am very happy that I have a new skill that I can be proud of.


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