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I Just Finished Parks and Rec...

And I'm weeping. I need an adult. I have lots of feelings. GT, can you be my adult?

Spoilers below!!!

I didn't get to watch any of the final season when it aired, so Mr. Toad downloaded them for me and since I've been laid up with what is apparently some form of the plague for almost two weeks now (seriously I am the Snot Monster), I decided to treat myself.


All in all it was probably the best final season of a TV show I've ever watched. So well, done, especially the last episode. It was clear that they really knew what worked about the show, and brought all of those things back. It was also clear that the entire team was getting a kick out of doing little things, like having a maintenance guy listening to "Man I Feel Like a Woman." Little things like that killed me the first time around.

I loved that they acknowledged that Leslie (and Ben!) were struggling to run a household with triplets running around, but it didn't sidetrack Leslie at all. While it's important that TV shows portray honestly the difficulty of adjusting to the new dual roles of mother and career, I'm glad they didn't show that adjustment period for Leslie. The episode where she has to be a candidate's wife and talk about that is just SO PERFECT.

I have loved, throughout the entirety of the show, how it has mentioned and honored female politicians, and this season was no exception. I mean, Barbara Fucking Boxer was on this season! (Sidenote, Barbara Boxer for the last several years has sponsored a bill to create the US's National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and so I will love her forever. Look it up.)

The final episode, though, is what really got me. That they gave each character a future, a really well thought out future, was so gratifying to me. The writers did such an amazing job of creating real characters that were so multi-dimensional and alive (except Ann and Chris who, thankfully, only showed up in the last few minutes. Fuck Ann.). Saying goodbye to their stories needed time and effort, and I'm so glad the writers made that effort. So as it ended, I was already emotional.


And then it cut to the final screen. "We love you Harris." And I just lost it. For whatever reason, Harris's death really got me in a way I haven't felt since Amy Winehouse. Addiction is so, so terrible. And in the following days it was so clear how much the people around him really really loved him, and how incredibly talented he was, but most of all, that he wanted to get better. He had plans, he had people who love him, big things were going to happen for him after Parks. Since then I've seen so much of the all-too-familiar "what a waste" sentiment, as if the tragedy of his death and addiction overwrites the work he accomplished, the humor that he brought to the world, to my life, and to many others. I hate that phrase so much. I know that's probably not really how it's intended, but that's how it has always sounded to me.

This turned out to be way longer than I meant it to be, and it's really just a bunch of random thoughts. Thanks, as always, for giving me a place to ramble GT.

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