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I just found out my grandmother passed away

And I feel terrible because I was wrapped up in my own shittiness yesterday (for which you, wonderful GT, supplied me with many cute gifs and giggles and I am eternally grateful) and kept ignoring my mothers calls because I was too tired and sad to even talk to her. I'm really mad at myself now because this is not the first time that my selfish isolation tactics have made it so that I'm not there for people I really care about when they need me. Plus, I'm trying to figure out how to extricate myself from all of this work I've committed myself to. And in the same morning I found out that one of our good friend's father passed away suddenly while in vacation in Italy, and my childhood friend's mother died Sunday, and my husband is leaving for business until Saturday this afternoon and going down south where all the tornados are (why the hell isn't this cancelled?). I don't know, I'm stuck between feeling sad and being mad at myself for my own pity party, when all of this is obviously much worse for other people. I am a selfish fuck....


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