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I just found out my uncle died

He was the baby of my Mom's family and probably the most like my Grandpa.

He used to pick is up and take my brother and I to the movies. I think he was still in high school when I was born. The police think he probably had a heart attack in his sleep. He saw my other aunt and uncle Saturday and was supposed to see them Sunday but didn't come around.

Today was his birthday.

ETA: Thanks everyone for your well wishes.

I left work early and am now looking for hats and scarves like the 4th Doctor. My uncle was pretty much the introducer of The Doctor to me and all of my cousins and Tom Baker was definitely his Doctor. (He insisted on trying to argue about it at every family gathering. He was a little spectrum-y and I think it was one of the few things he could connect with us about as we became adults.) I want to wear a hat and scarf to the funeral. It will probably be just a small graveside event, but I think he'd like it.


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