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I just got an awesome "neg" done to me...

Oh I love it.

So I had been texting this person for a few weeks and decided he was a bit douchey. I won't get into details about it. He continued to text me:


"Hello BeeVee"

"Hi stranger.,," (yes a period and two commas)

"Hey you"

"I am so bored !!!"

"Hello BeeVee I hope your doing well i usually give up after five or six lol unanswered messages then I proceed to delete contact it was nice talking with you from time to time we never did go out for sushi oh well good luck in Indiana take care and God Bless .. "


All on different days.

On Sunday I got:


Then today I get a message from a Delaware number:

Him: Hi

Me: "Hi who's this?"

Him: "This is Dbag BeeVee i don't know why I am texting its obvious you don't want to talk to me .

Me: "Dbag who?"

Him: "CL"

Me: "From a Delaware area code?"

Him: "Lol it's an app silly"

Me: "So basically you used an app to contact me because you were upset I stopped responding to your texts? You don't think there's anything wrong with that?"


Him: "I apologies first thing it's not a nice thing to do., I will admit I was upset I had grown accustomed to our conversations you are not as pretty as most of the girls I have met you are intelligent and smart I am used to being the one the cuts some one of ignores them till they say something interesting lol"

Me: "I'm not as pretty hmm ok. So you wanted to get the last say? That's interesting."


Him: No it's not that i guess i am shallow something I would never associate with me

Me: Well I'm glad I stopped talking to you. You're clearly an asshole who thinks they deserve much more than they actually do.


Him: I deserve that


(Names have been changed, obviously).

I won't post what I responded 'cause who knows what the trolls will say. So I'm not that pretty, but you're sitting there contacting me through an app.


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