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I just got an IUD!

And I didn’t die!! Close call though. Close call.

There are things you learn when someone with the appropriate degree intently researches your uterus. Such as that my entrance is slimmer than average. That it’s tilted to the right. And that this means things will hurt more than average because she’ll have to do it twice because the first time won’t quite work.


The first time went well. Pain was at a level I could handle. I had a skylight and stared at the clouds floating passed as I remember Adrienne. I worked on my breathing. I relaxed. I remembered to love myself even now.

The second time was excruciating but I got through. The doc was pretty impressed at how quickly I was up and about and asked me to please mind how I felt especially if I considered bicycling home.

5 minutes later I was bicycling home, a bottle of wine in my backpack and a smile on my face despite the cramps.

Get home. Pour myself a glass of wine (I know I shouldn’t mix my naproxen with wine but come on), slipped into my jammy ready for some Netflix. Turns out... I forgot my charger at work... Total failure at life am I. I wonder if mobile Netflix is doable. And whether I should order take out. Or eat my leftovers. Hard questions in life.


But all in all. I live!! Yaaaay!!

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