Seriously, this is not a joke. I'm not totally confident in their ability to rise up from the keyboard. I may have to teach class from here.

Last summer and fall semester, I managed to get in a workout a couple days a week, even after Baby Girl was born. But this past semester, it's been just about impossible to get up to the gym, so I've been slack these past few months. I don't want to get into TW territory with this, but I've been gaining weight due to the meds I'm on, and generally starting to feel like a 98-lb weakling again, although with about 40 or 50 extra pounds. So back to the gym it is! I'm not expecting to become Charles Atlas or anything, but working out really does help alleviate some of my anxiety and depression, although it is a little depressing when I can't finish a set and I have to switch to a lighter dumbbell.

You can read about the specifics at my personal blog if you're into that sort of thing; out of respect for the community, I won't spam the board with my workout logs.