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Welcome To The Bitchery

This friend of mine and I go back years, he's a levelheaded person, we can talk about almost anything but tonight he said something that just pissed me off so much. I was telling him how pissed off I was for how female gamers were being seen and treated and told him about the article here yesterday and about the trolls that started bothering us since.

He responded that he thought it was rather funny. To get a whole community riled up like that takes a fair bit of effort. He thought it was pretty funny that instead of having a hobby or going out, there's these guys sitting somewhere in the world going 'nah, I'm going to harass some forum tonight instead!'.

I told him in no unclear terms that I could NEVER understand how he could possibly think it's funny to harass someone for no reason in their own home like that. Because GT is a big of our online home. And that even if the reason was that they were upset about some woman talking about sexism in videogames (he said that this had been going on for a while, that a group on 4chan was going off because of those video's) and because this person has a different gender and opinion than, that still doesn't excuse it and it makes you downright pathetic.


I'm not sure but I'm feeling like I burned some bridges today... Am I overreacting here?

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