Holy shit, my hair feels like silk right now. It feels like silk. I don't know what magic the woman at the salon did - there was a flatiron and some goop, and a really nice scalp massage (seriously, salons kick ass. Fuck barber shops) and then somehow my hair came out super straight, three inches off but due to the straightening managing to look even longer than it started as.

The only times in my life my hair has been straight have been when it's too short to curl at all. And I wanted to try out straight hair before doing it for Halloween, so I'd know what it would look and feel like.

And then I got to thinking about straight hair and the white beauty standard, and started wondering. Is this how white people experience their hair? If it is, it might explain some of the zealousness with which the white beauty standard has been exported. Because right now my hair feels really nice, and I want to share it. I do prefer my curls, though - I just have great curls. Post Halloween, it's back to my curls. And I'm sure they'll feel great when I bring them back.