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I just got Pixlr. Now what?

I've been wanting to teach myself basic to intermediate photo editing for the longest time, but I didn't have a good excuse to do so until I got my new job. A big part of my job is editing video, and I've got the basics of that down pretty well. However, if I stay another 3-4 months (not completely unlikely), I could be bumped into a position for which Photoshop skills would be extremely useful. In addition to not having a good excuse, I've also not had the funds or a proper computer for Photoshop, so you can imagine my delight when Pixlr (free!Chrome app!) was mentioned in NotAgain's post about PS earlier today. I already use Chrome, so I went ahead and downloaded it. And now I don't know what to do with it. Any ideas on how to practice my editing skills? I need some homework or something because I'm kind of drawing a blank here.


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