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I just had a phone...date...thing

So the guy I have been talking to on OKC for the past few weeks called me tonight for the first time. We chatted for almost an hour, which seems pretty good considering we haven't actually met in person. I felt a little uncomfortable and rambly at times, because I rarely talk on the phone anymore, unless it's to a few specific people that I don't see often. I've sort of gotten used to the "message for a few days, then meet" model of online dating. So...it felt weird, but good. He had a Southern California surfer guy kind of accent. It was cute.

I got interrupted by having to let my roommate's sister in and had to get off the phone. I offered to call him back, but he said he needed to take care of his son who had just come in. At the point, I didn't realize we had been on the phone for so long anyway. To be honest, I felt sort of surprised that he didn't ask to meet up after this, but he did say he'd like to talk on the phone again later in the week. So we will see. We did have a nice chat, and we have exchanged 35 plus OKC messages. I'm just not used to things moving slowly, and not meeting up right away. Maybe slowly is good.


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