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Welcome To The Bitchery

I just had the most bizarre encounter

I was walking my dogs, using our normal route (or at least, our normal route when Buster isn’t on bed rest). A car pulled over next to me — I recognized it because it’s literally papered with taped-down flyers about how only Catholics are going to heaven and a lot of shit about abortion, so I know exactly where the person lives — and the woman inside said angrily, “I see you guys doing it every single morning, and I’m sick of it.”

Baffled, I said, “What?” And she said, “STOP IT. Or I’m going to call the police.” And then she drove away.


I have no fucking idea what she was talking about. I don’t let the dogs go into people’s yards, only the grassy strips between the sidewalk and the street, and I always pick up after them. I generally walk by this woman’s house twice a day, but we’re almost always on the other side of the street (Buster has very firm opinions about which side of the street we should be on for different parts of the walk). We’ve never had any kind of encounter or interaction.

I don’t know whether I should I go knock on her door at some point without the dogs and ask WTF she was talking about, or just leave well enough alone, but either way, I’m kind of freaked.

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