About a weed-themed amusement park.

I was in a friend's house, there were people there that i didn't know. One girl was there and kept staring at me. So i went over to talk to her and she pointed to this box so i went over to grab it off a couch and brought it back to her. She opened it and a little light came out of it, i looked inside and it was filled with big nugs of weed. I looked back up at her and the wall she was standing in front of had vanished. There was just a green field now and a llama had come up and was standing beside her. She told me that behind this house was a place you could go to where weed was legal and it was an amusement park. So together we went off to this weed park. There was a field full of llamas now, they kept following us, until we got to "the steps" which were this terrifying double set of metal stairs that were a quarter mile long, reaching up into the sky, connected to a huge floating piece of land. The girl ran ahead of me, there were a lot of other people walking the steps, so i got lost from her. I started up the steps and before i knew it, i was half way up. I started to panic and then i decided to run back down the steps. All of a sudden, the steps lurched and metal twisted and snapped. I was falling and then there was just grey.

But it didn't stop there, just like a checkpoint in a video game, i re-spawned to the bottom of the stairs. There were ambulances and news crews, the stairs hadn't snapped completely, they twisted to the side and i had fallen off. They were still there and i was determined to go to this weed themed amusement park. I found a guy who could take me there safely so i went with him. All of the sudden, we had somehow skipped the stairs completely and i was standing at the green gates of the amusement park. The guy disappeared and i was confused but i was also excited. I walked through the amusement park, it was dense with thick trees, leaves and vines. I felt like i was walking through a jungle, except for the food stands in front of me. I went to one and ordered an ice cream cone, he handed me a light blue swirly one and when i dug around in my pockets i found that i had no cash on me. He laughed and said that everything is free here once you're wearing a wristband. I started to tell him i wasn't but then i realized i was in fact wearing a green wristband. I was on my way when someone stopped me to ask if i had found my sleeping quarters yet. I hadn't so i was shown to a big room with 6 other beds in it. Sitting on the beds were other young women. They were giggling and i realized my ice cream had weed in it, as all the other food in the park does. I was suddenly very high and giggling with them. I sat on my twin sized bed as they showed me the perks of this room. The walls were a dark blue color with twinkling stars throughout it, even the ceiling. Except one of the walls was playing a movie, the entire wall was. I laid back and watched for a second. Then i was out the door to start exploring.

There were lots of fun-houses, museums, theaters and games. It was more of a fair than an amusement park, so i thought out loud to no one that it was perfect because riding rides while you're high would be way too intense. I passed the theater area, they had so many theaters. A few were just starting, one was a horror movie so i passed that one. I opened the back door to one theater to see people openly smoking in the theater, some people were laid back in reclining bed-like fluffy chairs. I left the theater because i was more interested in a fun house. I found one that had a dark red and gold door. I opened the door and walked inside. It was beautiful. The walls and ceiling were golden and red with many picture frames and mirrors. The floor was the coolest part, it was a "magic carpet" also a deep red and gold, but it was moving like waves. There was a man dressed up in a red cloak so dark it was almost black, wearing a cap to match it. He had a pointy beard and dark eyes. When i entered he said hello and handed me a fat joint. I put it to my mouth and he lit it with his fingertip. Then i started through the fun house with him as my guide. It really was fun, there were distorting mirrors and beautiful singing birds flying around. Then we got to a big black box, my guide told me i could ask for anything i want. So i asked for money, the box coughed up some fake coins and my guide said to try again. So i asked for suh dude and the box coughed up a figurine of suh dude. My guide shook his head and said "you have to try again" so i asked for ice cream and the box spit out an ice cream cone, i grabbed it and......that's the last thing i remember before i woke up.

So strange that I had to share with you guys, haha. Also hey Colorado wanna get on that weed theme park idea??