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I Just Have to Share this Because I'm So Gosh Darned Proud of It

So I'm pretty much a SoCal native, and I've been to the Happiest (AND MOST EXPENSIVE) Place on Earth many, many, many times. Given that it's a widely held belief that theme park food SUCKS, and especially so at Disneyland (gross and expensive), I've never really given much thought to the food there.

The times I've gone, I've either brought in outside food or gotten my hand stamped and exited the park to eat. With a few notable exceptions — like The Blue Bayou on my dad's birthday, Big Thunder BBQ back when the food was actually good, turkey legs, chimichangas, churros, popcorn, ice cream sammiches, cinnamon rolls at the now defunct Blue Ribbon Bakery, and mozzarella sticks at the Stage Door Cafe while watching Billy Hill and his crew perform — I haven't really eaten inside the park.


All that's about to change because I just spent the last half an hour compiling a list of foods I have to try (like the roast pork shank shown above). I cribbed my list from reviews on various food blogs, and I even color coded it to match the various lands on the park map. It is both awesome, and scary, and I am super proud of it.

In fact, I kind of feel like making sure I take pictures of the various things I eat, and maybe doing a write up on my likes and dislikes. Hey Trout, if I do it, would you consider sharing it to Kitchenette? (No pressure.)

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