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Welcome To The Bitchery

..fucked up “take” on The Dossier.

Maggie Haberman can stick her “with sanctimony” bullshit straight up her .......

Truth be told, I’ve been angry at the New York Times for months now, what with all their “both sides” bullshit.


I remember & still do that they have dedicated journalists posted all over the world. The NYT pays for that & always has. Funding International bureaus is an institutional commitment. So, whenever anyone holds up “Fox News” or “The NY Post” or “The Daily News” as a source, or poops on the NYT, I remind them that their lame source bureau is pretty much a flea on a dog.

For you young ones, I’ve been a paying receiver of the NYT in newspaper form for decades. It used to land in physical form to me every morning, along with The Boston Globe or The Star Ledger (Newark, NJ) depending upon where I was living. The local papers changed, but the New York Times NEVER changed; always delivered, because I am a daughter of New York.

I’ve paid for the digital version for about 5 years now; dragged my ass in to the 21st century & have the NYT paywall on a monthly draft. Sigh.

The fateful morning of the Election in November, I never got out of bed for the crying until I had to pee. Then me & Wally peed & went back to bed. Later, I went to the liquor store for the big guns, the Jameson, where I met 3 other women in pajamas with red eyes buying booze.


Which is a very long winded way to say...fuck off, Maggie Haberman & the New York Times.

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