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I just hung up on ASiL

and proceeded to walk through the house shouting "Fuck ASiL! Fuck ASiL!"

So as you may be aware, Mr. Ivriniel recently admitted he has a drinking problem. He had a DUI where no one was hurt, but he has lost his license for a year, and was fined $1600. He told the rest of his family, shortly after it happened, but only told the Annoying Inlaws two weeks ago.

So anyways, every year, my FIL holds a traditional Polish Christmas Eve. He is very insistent on it. On Thursday, ABiL called and was talking to Mr. Ivriniel, and told him that their Dad was having Christmas on Sunday. We thought that was odd, so he called his Dad, and asked. His Dad didn't know anything about it, and assured us that Christmas Eve is a go.


Well, yesterday, the Annoying Inlaws went over to his house and told him that they could not make Christmas Eve because they will be at her sister's place and told him they would come on Sunday. Ok, but why were they trying to get us to go on Sunday, too?

Well, ASiL's phone call answered that question.

In her call, ASiL told me she was really concerned about Mr. Ivriniel going over to his Dad's house for Christmas Eve, if she and ABiL aren't there to back me up and make sure he doesn't drink.

ASiL knows NOTHING about how Mr. Ivriniel has been since he has stopped drinking. She hasn't spoken to him since she found out about his DUI, much less seen him. I cut her off, told her I appreciated her concern, but told her we would be fine. She kept talking, something about her being concerned, and I hung up. I figure this was a pitch to try and get us to go to my FiL's place tomorrow instead of Christmas Eve.

Who the hell does she think she is? It would be one thing if we were close, and we had been confiding with her about how things are going for him. But she knows NOTHING. She doesn't know that he goes to AA meetings at least 3 times a week, and readily admits he is an alcoholic. She doesn't know that he is part if a study group that is currently going through the AA big book. And most importantly, she doesn't know that social drinking is not really Mr. I's issue. He can turn that down fine.


What drives him to drink is when he gets these overwhelming anxiety attacks... And having the Annoying Inlaws around watching him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't drink certainly isn't going to help on the anxiety front.

It was concern trolling of the highest order. And ain't nobody got time for that.



It seems to me, that if she really was interested in helping us, she would have asked me how I felt about Christmas Eve, and if there was anything they could do to support us. By leading with. "I am worried about Mr. Ivriniel," she made it all about her, and us doing things to make her feel better, rather than it being about supporting us.



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