TW child abuse/molestation

They have this thing called the "two witness rule" and it means that unless two people witness a child being molested, the molester isn't considered a "known child molester."

They also published a letter instructing congregation Elders that only the HQ in Brooklyn can decide if a member of the congregation is a predator. If someone is accused of molesting a child, it should be handled through HQ so the accused will be judged by God and God only, and if the person is repentant he or she can remain in the congregation after being "publicly reproved" but they can't announce what the person did wrong.

No cops, of course. Damn, you guys. Now that I feel like I'm in an okay enough spot in my head to research the faith I abandoned, I don't know how much of it I can slog through. It makes me sick and sad and ill.