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that I've been looking forward to for a week because one of the hosts was defending Woody Allen. HOORAY.

Basically, he called the accusations against him "bullshit" and I called him out as much as I could before I started crying (I cry very easily) and left the room. I then chugged the rest of my glass of wine and went to cry in the bathroom.

My dad came and held me while I cried and said he supported me and would take me home if I wanted to go home. I wasn't sure.


He himself apologized to me and it was actually as good an apology as there could have been without him outright saying I was right.

The guy's wife came and hugged me and apologized for him and said that he finds it hard to believe Woody could be that awful because he's one of his heroes.

Basically... his wife and daughter agree with me. My parents agree with me. I have support here. And honestly, this guy isn't a bad person. He tends to be very opinionated and I think this is a serious blind spot of his. I hope he comes around someday.

I eventually decided that I couldn't really get over this tonight — I couldn't just forget it and stop thinking about it and sit down at the table and eat like nothing happened. I think everyone understood, including the guy who upset me, and he packed up some food for me and my dad took me home. My mom told me where tonight's Hanukkah present — super comfy and cute pajama pants — was so I could wear them. I'm gonna heat up the food and listen to some Doctor Who audios.


I kind of want to drink whatever booze I can find in the house (I think there's some white wine) with my dinner but I don't know if drinking more is a good idea?

(I don't know how coherent or grammatically correct this is but fuck it I don't feel like checking it I'm posting it as is.)

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