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I just made my first enquiries into studying for a PhD!

I'm really trying not to get my hopes up too much but I'm really excited. I've written here before about being unhappy in my job and making half-baked plans to get out but I feel like finally I've found a sensible solution.

Engineering isn't working out for me. This job isn't every engineering job but there is absolutely no aspect of what I'm doing now that I enjoy. But maybe Applied Mathematics - specifically in interdisciplinary applications - is the answer.

I don't get to do any challenging mathematics in my current job but when I thought back to what I enjoyed - and what I was good at - at university, it was almost entirely the maths. And, without being too specific, the interdisciplinary aspect would allow me to indulge my interest in other areas without jacking in the maths and science or having to retrain - which I couldn't afford anyway.


Of course, a quick email to check that my previous study is appropriate for the programme isn't a formal application, much less an offer. My maths has got a bit rusty since I graduated, so I would need to polish it a bit. And it would be a risk to ditch my current employment. But this is the first time I've found an alternative that isn't completely impractical and that I feel actively enthusiastic about, rather than "It'd be less bad than this".

Fingers crossed!

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