I was taking Cooper out and walked across the street where my neighbor (I think) was just walking past this woman and a little girl coming out of the Women and Children First (feminist) book store. The little girl hd reached out to the little dog but they had kept going. So Cooper goes up and I'm just doing my normal schpeal of saying "Careful because he likes to give kisses" and he kisses the little girl's hand. The woman says, "It's okay. We have three dogs at home" in a pleasant tone. I walk to wait at the intersection thinking "Three dogs, that's a lot" right before thinking, "Wait, that looked like Pink!" I look back and see the back of her: knit cap pulled over blonde hair, normal looking big backpack on with a Hello Kitty zipper fob, and blue leggings. Yeah, that totally looks like Pink!

We go to our local pet store and in the midst of Cooper getting treats and attention I say "I think Cooper just kissed Pink's daughter's hand."

After some talk, we leave and I think about going down that side of the street to see if she's still walking around then decide not to, reach the corner, look into the wine/liquor store AND SEE HER AGAIN!

So I RUN back across the street to tell the folks in the pet store this and one of the employees follows me back to the liquor store and goes inside. I think she talks to her directly, I don't know. I have the dog and am outside and now feel awkward.

Pink exits (little to no make-up on and I totally get why she has a hat to cover her hair because THAT makes it obvious) guiding her daughter to a black SUV nearby. I kinda stumbly apologize for interrupting her (or for the pet store employee interrupting her) and tell her I love her music.


Barely seeing her hair, it was really her facial features that made me recognize her. Then I looked up what gender her child was and BOOM! Knew it was her!

Actually telling a celebrity that I like their work is SO not what I do if/when meeting/seeing a celebrity. Normally (well, when I was in NY and a little in MT), I'm just friendly and talk to them like an acquaintance would.


Kinda feel bad for crashing her anonymous stroll but the pet store is kinda our second home and the employee really loves her.