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I just need to put this somewhere OT

I have been dealing with a lot lately. I just need somewhere to put it. Figured I’d set up an OT so others could do the same.

We bought a house and moved to a neighborhood with more kids and better schools. However, we are having trouble selling our condo. The two mortgages are really taxing us because...

My husband’s company was sold. Nearly everyone was laid off. He started his own business but doesn’t have enough clients to make a living yet....


So I am the breadwinner. I just started a new job. Still doing the practice area that involves the disease my dad died from about 15 months ago. My last firm was in shambles, though, and I had to go. Fortunately, the new firm is paying me more and I actually really like it (that’s the bright spot here).

But that means I am the breadwinner. My husband is stressed and really going into awful anxiety spirals. So not only am I the breadwinner, but I am also the primary child care provider for our son. My husband also is being extremely emotionally needy and lashing out / totally not understanding that there are only 24 hours in the day and I am already stretched so thin that I am normally only getting 5 hours of sleep a night.

He has a legal issue with his former company that I am handling for him since we can’t afford another attorney with the two mortgages. He wants to talk about it non-stop and rages at me if I tell him I don’t have the emotional bandwidth to discuss it because I spent 2.5 hours working on it earlier that day. He stopped taking his anxiety medication like 2 years ago and stopped seeing his therapist two months ago. I keep asking him to at least make an appointment with her and he keeps not doing it.

Of course, I woke up with our son again this morning around 6. He’s been sick (so have I - for two weeks now) and he was a full on terror. He kicked a full cup of black tea over and ruined the rug, all because he didn’t want his dirty diaper changed. He was a little overtired at lunch and slapping my face and pulling my hair & shirt with bbq sauce on his little hands.


I told my husband I am reading, drinking tea, and napping, and I don’t want to talk to him or anyone else. He is going to take our son and do the grocery shopping, which is typically my job. Bless.

What is going on with everyone else? Have shit you just need to unload about?

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