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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I just need to spill UPDATE!!!!!

He’s home! Oh my good god I am so relieved. My poor little guy was stuck under a solar panel on the roof above our garage. I went back out right at dusk shaking an open tub of treats and calling him. I could just make out a plaintive mew over the freeway noise and probably wouldn’t have narrowed the sound down except I saw a tiny flutter of gray at the edge of a panel. I swear he signaled me with his tail! I’m still shaky and a little out of breath from running around with our 15' ladder and (lovingly) dragging his dumb butt inside.

Thank you all so much for your love, advice, and support. I followed all of your advice, especially the parts about not losing hope. Everything else that went wrong today seems so much more ok.


My kitty is missing. He got out sometime late last night and we didn’t know until this morning. LordSparrow and I are a mess. He’s beatin himself up because he’s the one who let the dogs out and back in before we went to bed, which is when Meph has to have made his escape. We both woke up early this morning (5-ish?) to the sound of our asshole neighbor yelling at his barking dog, and for some reason both of us thought we should go see what was going on but didn’t. I knocked on the neighbor’s door this morning to ask if they’d seen our cat and his wife told me that’s what the commotion had been earlier; Meph was sitting on their fence and got scared off by the dog and his asshole owner. That means he was on or adjacent to our property all night and now he’s vanished. He’s gotten out before and come back, but not for this long. In addition, we have a bunch of construction going on in our kitchen, workmen going in and out, so even if he does come back he might be scared off. I can’t lose my baby. I love this cat so much. He and I bonded deeply when he moved in (he was LordSparrow’s cat before we met) and we have a special relationship. I’ve nursed him through two rounds of bladder crystals, one time when we thought we might lose him. I just nursed him through major dental surgery over the past week, he still has stitches in his mouth. He was just diagnosed with kidney disease last week too and needs medication. I’ve been bawling all day. It can’t end like this. It just can’t. Not like this, it just isn’t allowed. I’m sorry for the sadness dump, I just feel so paralyzed. I don’t know what to do. We’ve searched the property, the neighborhood, knocked on doors, I made a post on Nextdoor, we put a bowl of wet food on the patio. Now it’s just waiting. I had to get out of the house before I started screaming (yes, there’s other shit stressing me out and bringing me down too) so I’m at the park with the dogs. Waiting. Hoping.

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