And now I am sad, because there aren't any more in the pipeline that I'm aware of.

It's pretty good you guys. It's not ground breaking literature, but it's a good continuation of the Veronica Mars world. There's plenty of LoVe, with a little filling in with how Logan ended up in the Air Force. Keith is pretty much recovered. Deputy Leo has a pretty substantial role. Mac Attack has a lot more to do, with a little call back to her origins. Madison Sinclair has a cameo (of course). Wallace is under-used and there is no Dick beyond casual references. There are some other characters from the series that returned.

The twist was pretty obvious and the mystery is solved pretty quickly after a few red herrings. It's more about Veronica trying to get justice in an ambivalent bureaucracy through creative problem solving.

And **SPOILER** Veronica finally gets a pony!

Worth it if you're a Veronica Mars fan.