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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I just realized

That I probably would not have made it through the past 4 months nearly as well without my cat.

He used to be my old roommate's cat, and I was horrified when I found out she was trying to give him away, so I scooped him up immediately. I mean, this cat curled up on my bed when I was crying about finding a new place to live, he kept me company when I was all zonked out on pain pills after my oral surgery, he makes living with my mom a little more bearable, and on the worst days he gives me a reason to get up and move around, because I know he needs to be fed.


I've lived alone before and occasionally had a tough time with loneliness by not having a roommate (although, almost everything else about living alone is pretty awesome) but now I have my little fuzzbutt and it's much more comforting knowing that I'll have him around.

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