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I just saw a shooting star for the first time

They’re not just in movies! This pleases me! I also got charged at by a jogger in the dark.

He was wearing one of those flashing, red visibility lights and came lolloping towards me panting and oh it’s a dog oh thank god. I just about had a heart attack.


This all came about because I’ve decided to start running/jogging but I’m too self-conscious to do it around other people so I decided to do it at 11pm. I went up the local hill and it turns out it’s a clear, moonless night here, which was great for star gazing. So tonight I got running endorphins, terror endorphins, friendly doggy kisses and the magic of the cosmos. Yay.

Of course now I’m too amped up to sleep.

Anyone want to share any tales of running mishaps?

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