Browsing at Tuesday Morning and it was hiding on a bottom shelf. I was going to get a second one for work and BOOM! HALF OFF! I have it on right now and I'm already feeling more relaxed and happy. Also...this picture!

ETA: One of my obnoxious grad school classmates (who's now a PhD. Lit professor) responded to my happy facebook post:

Are you feeling happy now??? See, capitalism can just make you happy with a light. :)

Ugh. Fuck off. I guess it would be better if I weren't able to buy a product that effectively treats a medical condition? Because the alternative is moving to a tropical location for 5 months a year, which is far less feasible than a $40 light. Still getting judged for choosing a non-academic profession 15 years after the fact. She's real close to going on the restricted list.