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I just sent my cat to the emergency vet. UPDATED

.. with my mom. I should've gone, but I'm under a deadline for a research paper. I'm a ball of nerves and worst case scenarios.

I already lost my soul cat due to an out-of-the-blue aneurysm. The kitty I have now is probably the only reason I didn't go into a depression tailspin (or at least he pulled me out of one.)


I'm shaking so badly. My mom is doing a decent job of keeping me updated except for the question where she asked me to guess his birthdate.

I have no idea. I'm not even sure how old he is (because numbers and I don't get along.) He came to me as a foster kitten, got adopted, and then (months or years) came back to me through a miracle of God only a few weeks after my soulcat passed.


I can't lose him. I can't, I can't, I can't. I'm deep breathing like a mother fucker right now.

I'm incredibly happy to report that my panic attack was over the top. The vet thinks bladder infection. I have never been so happy to hear those words. I've got to get a pee sample and take that in, but Columbo the cat has anti-biotics and special food now. The vet is pushing Royal Canin, naturally, but I'm not sure how long my bank account can keep that up. Anyway, it's not life threatening, and that is a giant relief. Of the four cats I've had over the years, two have gone to kitty heaven because of sudden life threatening medical issues. (One of those was because of an incompetent vet.) Bo is probably going to be highly irritated with the amount of snuggles he's going to get tonight.


Thanks to eeeeeeeeeeveryone for y'all's well wishes and positive vibes.

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