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I just spent a good portion of tonight...

...reading through Adequate Man on Deadspin. Am I Adequate Woman now?! It was a pretty entertaining and useful read. For instance, the article on how to change a tire is, like, so appropriate for me right now because the other day, I was discussing with my dad about how I don't know how to change a tire (In my defense, I didn't get my license until I was 19 and in university in which I didn't even have a car with me and only drove when I was home for breaks. Currently, I drive maybe once or twice a week since my main mode of transportation is the train, so it never really occurred to me to learn. Or maybe I'm just lazy.). Also, the article on how to drive in the snow when you don't have a fancy shmancy equipped car is, again, so apt because STORY OF MY LIFE. Also, Jolie Kerr has her own "Ask a Clean Person" column there which is pretty neat. Also, a major nod to all the articles discussing how to approach woman on Twitter, in clubs, etc. without being a douchecanoe and/or creep.

So like, yeah. I enjoyed my time over there. That is all!

PS: I really like reading Foodspin on Deadspin as well.


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