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I just spent half an hour on the phone.

with the pharmacy. I picked up insulin syringes for my husband today. They were supposed to be 5/16 inch long needles, but they gave him 1/2 inch instead. Evidently, when you are sticking them in your body, that 3/16 of an inch makes a big difference. The pharmacy has to order them every time, so we called them in when he pulled the last two 10 packs from the box.

I explained what happened to one person and he said he had to go "verify" that and then I waited about 10 minutes before he picked up again. He told me to just bring them back and exchange them. "Do you have the needles I need? You have to order them every time we refill." So he went to check, and no, they do not have the right needles, but they will be ordered to be there Monday. They have some with the right needle, but they only hold half the insulin so Mr Moxie would have to give himself twice the number of shots. Ummm....No. He asked if the gauge was important, because they have the next biggest gauge in the store. Ummm... I'm going to guess that my husband will not be happy with a thicker needle of the correct length. He doesn't particularly like the fact that he has to do this 3 times a day anyway. I think the gauge is important. The pharmacist said he would call around to other pharmacies. I asked, "Are any others 24 hour pharmacies, because its after 6?" Ummmm... the one in Oak Cliff, which is a neighborhood that I, as a suburban looking white girl, don't want to be dragging my kids through in the evening by myself, so No. I made him call a competitor to make sure they will sell me a bag of syringes.

Some pharmacies get a big stick up their ass about giving selling syringes to people they have never had a prescription for. We've been asked for a "diabetic card" even when we've asked for insulin with the syringes. When Mr. Moxie asked his doctor about it, his doctor had never heard of having a "diabetic card."


Evidently the other pharmacy hung up on the other pharmacist, and when he tried to call them a second time, he called my number.

So now I'm waiting for him to call back. I was just getting stuff for supper out when my husband let me know they gave him the wrong syringes. I guess I'll pick up burgers when we leave to go find syringes.

*edited to include Siouxsie rolling her eyes, because that's what I've been doing.

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