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Can we talk about Doctor Who?

ETA: I'm pretty high #groupsmoke

I just started watching it a few months ago. I haven't seen any of the older stuff. I really want to, but I feel like I should finish the new things first. Or shouldn't I?

I also haven't seen any of the new episodes with Peter Capaldi.

I've been watching on Netflix and I'm on season 6, with Matt Smith.

The thing is, I loved Eccleston as the Doctor, and I loved David Tennant as the Doctor. The Doctor in those seasons were such good and deep characters.


I do not like Matt Smith as the Doctor, nor do I like this version of the Doctor. The best part of this season is the Amy/Rory/Doctor/River situation (don't want to give away any spoilers, sweetie!)

I want to skip ahead to the last episodes and see the new ones because I don't like Matt Smith or this doctor. But I also don't want to cheat.

Do you ever really hope that the Doctor is real?

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