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I just threw up in my mouth - OKCupid

Ugh. This.

With all due respect u look fabulous and i'd love to eat and beat that from the back babygurl..... anyways how are u doing beautiful, Are u free tonight babygurl..? Hi I'm John and I'm down here in [location] tryn to get into something, so.. What are u into, what makes u smile and do u wake up that sexy or does it take awhile cutie..? Im from the east coast so im straight froward... so tell me love, what a brotha got to do to kick it wit u beautiful..? I love sex specially if yur a freak like me, anyways, is u down to kick with a gentleman like myself love..? I like to give massages and snuggle, plus great conversation, about what Eva u want babygurl... Hit me bak


I'm not actually sure what I hate the most about this. Is it the pet names? Is it the terrible grammar, punctuation, capitalization, usage? Is it the fake compliments? Is it the threats of physical (sexual) violence? Is it the getting right into sex talk? Blegh! (but also hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

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